Welcome to Bavarian Mtn. We are not only a wholesaler but a full service provider… Bavarian Mtn. ® is a leading international wholesaler and full-service provider, which is active in smaller but strong growing business areas. Bavarian Mtn. ® offers an assortment of firearms and ammunition, rugged outdoor apparel as well as gunsmith and archery services, which amend the traditional wholesale business. Therewith we enable our customers to focus on their core competence. Bavarian Mtn. ® is a specialized business segment within the P&B Group. As a fully integrated wholesaler, we are offering our services lean and only through our web platforms. We are keen on having the cost leadership in all our processes - that's why we are able to forward this benefit to our customers. Therefore we are widely recognized and respected in the industry.  We are looking back on an amazing track record: with an enormous speed we mastered the evolution to a full range wholesaler and service provider.  This showed the key competence of the company: innovative service solutions and a 360° product range, which enables our customers to equip themselves fast, independently and first of all cost-efficient. Our next step is to develope the european markets and by transferring our successful mail-order business open up additional countries and contiguous groups of customers. The owners Tim from Palatinate in the very southwest of Rhineland-Palatinate and Martin from Franconia in the north of Bavaria started business with Bavarian Mtn. ® in a garage of the for sure most passionated hunting family in this region. The both friends used to work in leading positions for years after their business administration studies in the hunting market and other branches. Today they are running a family business all over Europe, made from passionate hunters and marksmen for the professional gunsmith and outdoor retail customer.  Bavarian Mtn. ® stands solidly behind the products we are selling - because we use them ourselves every day in our own hunting grounds.  QUALITY ASSURANCE Quality assurance and control are main issue for Bavarian Mtn. ®. Our professional staff guarantees continuous controls of incoming goods and ensure that the high quality requirements of Bavarian Mtn. ® and our customer are fulfilled. Get into contact: qualityassurance@bavarianmountain.com PROCUREMENT & PURCHASING Our purchase also counsels our gunsmith customers and retailers in the outdoor sector during their purchase processes. Bavarian Mtn. ® collaborates with long-term suppliers and service providers worldwide. We are placing tenders and orders, with the focus on the needs to small- and medium-sized enterprises. Our extensive knowledge of the private sectors in different branches (metalworking industry, surface finishing, automotive, raw material, pharmaceutical etc.) enables us to understand industrial processes perfectly and thereby create mutual purchase benefit - optimum procurement results and substantial price reductions - for our gunsmith and retailers. Use our knowledge and get into contact: procurement@bavarianmountain.com   IT-BASED INVENTORY PLANNING & DISTRIBUTION Bavarian Mtn. ® supports the local gunsmith and our retailers in the outdoor sector with an automated enterprise resource planning system, witch allows real-time control of extensive flow of goods and information concerning the entire distributed assortment of our customers. Our planning and control procedure is IT-supported and provides guaranteed supply with very low stock-keeping. Bavarian Mtn. ® only cooperates with IT partners, which are well established and offer products with a high degree of usability and reliability. Our system communicates with existing systems and ensures that every kind of interface can be operated. This ensures flexible access to all current stocks and issues and thus has the greatest level of transparency for us and our customers.Just fast response to your market, challenge us and get into contact: it-services@bavarianmountain.com   Contact